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The university has a specific location internationally, students are not simply enrolling at international universities. Students spend a semester studying an interdisciplinary introduction to British life and culture, including literature, art history, economics, history, and political science.

During their time abroad, students work closely with faculty members who serve as mentors as students discuss, journal, and process their experience. Its distinctiveness lies in the great diversity of its course offerings, the high caliber of its faculty and its excellent faculty-to-student ratio.

The course uses ethnographies, historical accounts, survey data, and other sources to examine the contours of social and economic inequality in contemporary Japan.

Student also travel throughout Europe. Students will study culture through the lens of language and anthropology. Students are taught Arabic in an integrated, proficiency-oriented program.

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The Reserve consists of an off-the-grid Research and Learning Center, a laboratory and research facility in the nearby town of Oxkutzcab, and a dormitory-classroom facility. Write articles, share your personal experiences, and be part of our unique online community of diverse global leaders.

Families live in safe neighborhoods within commuting distance of the university. Access to a kitchen, laundry facilities, and a telephone may be arranged between you and the family.

Program Structure By studying in this summer program based at Doshisha University, you will encounter both modern and traditional Kyoto.

Our partner universities abroad offer tons of classes that can count toward your degree. Accommodations You stay with a local family, where you will have the best chance to experience the Japanese way of life.

The program is led by University of St. This course is designed as an introduction to the study of East Asian religions.

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After this transformative trip, he knew he wanted to continue traveling and seeing the world. Rhodes College Rhodes College offers students a full semester abroad studying in various locations all over Europe.

For me, India is such a place. This program is perfect for the student who does not want to settle in one place, but wants to experience several cultures.

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Along with partner programs and third party programs, the University offers various faculty-led programs for students looking for a personal experience alongside trusted and expert faculty. In this study we will be conducting introductory art classes and applying them to major collections of art, focusing on museums in Berlin, and traveling to Weimar, Prague and Munich to explore more of the rich history of the region.

Each semester, a specific academic topic is chosen and designed for students with little or no French language experience. Students may also choose to study theatre arts in Bonn and Moscow, spending time in both cities.

Exciting weekend activities in the area include shark diving, sky diving, and bungee jumping. Study abroad in Japan this summer through a program organized by Harvard faculty. Learn more about accommodations, faculty, and the course of study. Study Abroad Summer- or semester-long course work at a foreign university that broadens students’ academic experience and deepens their cultural awareness.

Go! Full-Semester, Winter, or Summer Abroad Options. EKU has a number of study abroad affiliates or exchange programs to choose from.

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Go for a short term program in Summer or Winter Break, OR choose a longer program that is Full Semester or Academic Year! Broadening horizons We believe that travel is crucial to an education in art and design.

Our programs in architecture, art, art history, interior design, and landscape architecture offer a variety of opportunities for students to travel. SinceISA has offered quality study abroad programs for undergraduate students. ISA has a wide variety of study abroad programs at accredited schools and universities throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and The Pacific.

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Our Mission. UConn Education Abroad exists to support UConn's global strategic objectives by providing accessible learning opportunities for students to become globally-minded and engaged critical thinkers committed to making an impact in their communities.

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