Naturopathy history

And a special Thank You to those who were in possession of documentation and made it available to the researcher. He taught the same curriculum as at Lindlahr College, which included subjects such as anatomy, physiology, hygiene theory, and homeopathy, among others.

Nonetheless, the Indian stream of naturopathy differs from Western particularly with the main focus on vegetarianism and yoga.


Currently, European countries consider their practice of naturopathy as a system of healthcare that has evolved by incorporating the traditional medicine of each country with the naturopathic principles, theories, modalities and traditions that have been codified in North America.

Here is a brief look at the history of naturopathy and the way it has treated patients of various ailments. Although participants remembered the events that took place, they might have forgotten the precise dates when they occurred.

This school focused the magnitude of natural cures, good hygiene, healthy diets and rich fibre intake as the approach to sound health.

In early 20th century, naturopathy was practiced in the US on a wider scale than any other country in the Western World. Naturopathic doctors use this interconnected information about you to generate a specific, principle-based treatment plan customized for your particular needs.

Naturopaths also practice in other states under other laws i. In the tragic death of a eight-year-old diabetic girl in North Carolina graphically illustrated this problem. Much of the dietary advice focused on correcting poor eating habits, including the lack of fiber in the diet and an over reliance upon red meat as a protein source.

However, Dr Benedict Lust is considered the founder of modern-day naturopathy. The best medicine is the right choice of food which is in accord to ones hunger and constitution. One of the challenges experienced in conducting this research was finding participants who met the inclusion criteria.

A naturopathic doctor understands the body, soul and mind of a person before he starts the treatment. Naturopathic physicians fill a gap, answer a demand and bring to the public a "bilingual" health care provider with an understanding of both natural and allopathic medicine.

Inthe first naturopathic college, known as the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, was established in America. Naturopathy uses a holistic approach to cure an illness. Naturopaths ease the imbalances in our body by turning to nature for the well-being of the body.

A new wave of students was attracted to the philosophical precepts of the naturopathic profession, bringing an appreciation for the appropriate use of science and modern college education.


Naturopathy is practice in several countries for its safe and effective healing. However, in minutes tabled inconcerns were raised about the legitimacy of some of the documents that had been submitted. There were no minimum criteria set for entry into the CRE, and one sees training colleges springing up to provide this training.

The right choice of food alone can help us live a healthy life. This was done to provide information on how to prevent diseases and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Act 63 of made provision for the establishment of the South African Associated Health Service Professions Board,9 which had several objectives.

The World Naturopathic Federation is currently undergoing a research project to clarify and codify the historic roots of naturopathy from around the world.

Inthis advocacy resulted in registered naturopaths being granted the right to prescribe certain categories of pharmaceuticals,20 which essentially placed them on the same level as general practitioners. Benedict Lust, summarized the philosophy of Naturopathy very succinctly in This may herald the start of another chapter in the history of naturopathy in South Africa.

Origin and History of Naturopathy

He went on to establish the American School of Naturopathy. This was the first registered college for naturopathy. WHO traditional medicine strategy:. Inthe first naturopathic college, known as the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, was established in America.

About Naturopathic Medicine

This was the first registered college for naturopathy. InBastyr University became the first naturopathic college to be accredited and recognized by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education. History of Naturopathic Medicine As a distinct health care professional, Naturopathic Medicine is over years old.

History of Naturopathy

The term "Naturopathy" was first coined in by Dr. John Scheel, a German homeopath practicing the methods of Kneipp and Kuhn at his Badekur Sanitarium in New York. History of Naturopathic Medicine June 22, in About Naturopathy Naturopathic Medicine in North America can be traced back to Dr.

Benedict Lust, who used the term “naturopathy” to describe the integrated practice of botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, manipulative therapy and acupuncture. About Naturopathy.

History of Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a system of healthcare with a deep history of traditional philosophies and practices, medically trained practitioners and a breath of natural treatment options to serve patients. Naturopathy encourages a simple life that is close to nature and establishes the impact of sunlight, diet, water, air for protection of the entire body.

History of Naturopathy: The term Naturopathy was coined by Dr John Scheel in In India the history of Naturopathy, the ancient science of healing and art of living, can be traced back to the Vedic times. This therapy finds mention in our Vedas and ancient texts. During the ancient times this system of medicine was practiced widely in the country.

Naturopathy history
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Origin and History of Naturopathy, History of Naturopathy